College Admission

from the experts of your dream school

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How Thrive Success Prep works

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Your dream school is our mission. 


Our admission experts will work side by side to help you achieve your goal. Our service offers a full package of college admission assistance from finding scholarships to summer program applications and more! 


Get plugged in with a mentor and find out what Thrive can offer you below! 

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Services offered 

Personalized Consultations

We manage your academic success from test dates, activities, scholarships, and many more. We prioritize personalized assistance that caters to you.


Direct Communication

Get matched with mentors from your dream school and build relationships.


Access Easy-to-Digest Material

We provide up-to-date info and resources to help you stand out from subject matter experts.

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Our Core Values



Excellence to us doesn’t just mean doing well in school. Excellence is the result of when a student has all the tools and support that he or she needs to stand out.

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Resource Leadership

Knowledge is power. Never miss a scholarship you qualify for or summer programs that can enhance your application. Find out how others got accepted to their dream school.

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Our mission is to provide tools and resources to help you get accepted to your dream school. We cater our assistance to individual needs.